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Rhode Island Landmarks

on December 27, 2008

State Capitol


The state capitol building is made of white Georgian marble. On top is the world’s fourth largest self-supported marble dome. It houses the Rhode Island Charter of 1663 and other state treasures.

First Baptist Church in America


Providence is home to the First Baptist Church in America, the oldest Baptist church in the Americas, which was founded by Roger Williams in 1638.


The seaside city of Newport is home to many famous mansions, including The Breakers, Marble House and Belcourt Castle


“The Breakers”


“Marble House”


“Belcourt Castle”

Newport Casino


The Newport Casino is a National Historic Landmark building complex that presently houses the International Tennis Hall of Fame and features an active grass-court tennis club.

The Towers


Scenic Route 1A (known locally as Ocean Road) in Narragansett is home to “The Towers“, a large stone arch.  It was once the entrance to the famous Narragansett casino that burned down in 1900.  The towers now serve as a tourist information center and also a banquet hall for events like weddings and birthday parties.


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